Group Class

Group classes are an essential part of the Suzuki approach and our musical journey. Not only is playing with others incredibly fun, it provides motivation and an opportunity for teamwork. Group lessons are a time for students and parents to connect with their peers and enjoy being a part of the Suzuki community. Group lessons provide a number of opportunities to grow at each stage of development. Group classes are an opportunity to practice old skills and learn new ones, as well as how to interact with a group, play together, follow a leader, become a leader, and to perform. Group class provides each child with an opportunity to learn from a peer and become a leader or teacher themselves. It helps to grow their confidence and self-esteem. Group classes also provide a supportive environment to practice performing, develop ensemble skills, and develop social skills. Review in group classes greatly supports the review efforts at home. Older students get extra review practice, while younger students have the opportunity to be active listeners of pieces they will soon play. Playing with others is one of the most joyful musical experiences!

The most successful Suzuki families are committed to creating the time in their schedules for daily practice and listening. They are also committed to attending weekly lessons, group classes, recitals, and workshops.

Don’t forget that our first class of the year is this Friday, January 11th from 5 PM to 6 PM! We will be at our new group class location, Overstreet Dance Center. We will be holding classes in the blue studio, which is adjacent to their beautiful waiting room! Directions can be found here.