The Suzuki Triangle

The Suzuki Triangle: Parent-Teacher-Child

Parents are active participants of the Suzuki approach. The parent takes on an active role in the learning process and are essential to the success of the student. At least one parent (preferably the same parent each time) must be present at each lesson. The Suzuki parent learns alongside their child and takes on the important role of home teacher. You do not need prior knowledge of music or the instrument. Suzuki parents are dedicated to learning and practicing each day with their child. The parent is responsible for establishing a daily routine of practicing and listening, as well as creating a positive practice environment for the child. Parents act as a scribe and silent observer for most of the lesson time. There is time for questions and practice clarification at the end of each teaching segment. It is extremely important that the parent take detailed notes, photos, and recordings during the lesson to help with the home practice.

Private Lessons are held weekly. Lessons are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time based on the teacher’s and family’s availability. All lessons are attended by both the parent and student. Instruction is given to the parent at each lesson on how and what to practice with the child at home. Please be sure to take notes about what and how to practice.

It is essential that home practice occurs daily. This should be viewed as an opportunity to spend quality one on one time with your child. The job of Suzuki parent is a challenging, but rewarding job. Music education requires a long-term commitment to working together to build skill, passion, and dedication. Music study promotes discipline, confidence, focus, and a creative outlet. Progress and success comes with dedicated practicing and effort. The parent and student are guided by the teacher on this journey. The teacher is committed to lifelong learning and strives to provide quality instruction, guidance, and expertise at each stage of development. Home practice includes listening, as well as practice on the instrument.

Group lessons are an essential part of the Suzuki approach and our musical journey. Not only is playing with others incredibly fun, it provides motivation and an opportunity for teamwork. Group lessons are a time for students and parents to connect with their peers and enjoy being a part of the Suzuki community. Group lessons provide a number of opportunities to grow at each stage of development. Group classes are an opportunity to practice old skills and learn new ones, as well as how to interact with a group, play together, follow a leader, become a leader, and to perform.

The most successful Suzuki families are committed to creating the time in their schedules for daily practice and listening. They are also committed to attending weekly lessons, group classes, recitals, and workshops.

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“Children learn to smile from their parents.”  ~ Shinichi Suzuki