Spring Recital 2017!

Spring Recital 2017.jpgWhat a great recital! Thank you to all who performed and attended! We had a wide range of performances including A string concerto, House of the Rising Sun, Witches Dance, and a Seitz Concerto. We also had several special guests including the Williams family (violin, trumpet, and piano) and the String Fighters Trio (violin, viola, and cello)!


Fall Recital! October 29, 2016


I had a wonderful time at our violin and viola studio Fall Recital! Everyone sounded wonderful and looked great in their Halloween and recital attire too! 13 violin and viola students performed at the Highlands Ranch Library on October 29, 2016 for an audience of 65! The program ranged from E String Concerto to Humoresque to the Bare Necessities to an ensemble performing a Bartok Duo!


Candyland – Music Style


I just made this game for our studio! It was an extremely easy and inexpensive game to make. All you need is card stock, Candyland, and a sharpie. If you have an old copy of Candyland laying around I highly recommend making one! If you need to purchase one, I purchased mine at Walmart for only $5.92. It’s a new version of the game and doesn’t have as many pink squares though. Oh well! I divided up the cards so that my students (violinists and violists) get more practice with treble clef.   Thank you Layton Music for the wonderful printable!

Layton Music Games and Resources

This is a fun variation of the game Candyland. This great idea came from Rachel on the Yahoo piano teachers group. To make this game, you will need a Candyland game. On each square, write A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. On the pink candy spaces, draw a bass clef, treble clef, piano, forte, mezzo forte, and a double bar line. Draw a card from the pile, name the note, and move to the corresponding space. If you draw a card with double notes, you get to move double the spaces.

Sometimes I will send this home with children who are struggling with notes, and tell them it counts as practice time.They love that, and come back the next week much better at their notes.

I also made up cards that show the notes on the keyboard, so this game can be used when teaching that skill…

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A busy weekend!

This weekend I completed a ten hour teacher training course called Preparation, Preview, and Pattern Play: Developing Literate Musicians (Instructor: Winifred Crock). I had the opportunity to look at Crock’s new music reading books in detail as well as look at her ensemble book titled Learning Together. We discussed so many topics including ensemble skills and the complexity of note reading. I look forward to incorporating some of the things I learned into my teaching!

I also purchased a few new things for my teaching. I finally ordered Martha Yasuda’s duet collection that includes duets for almost the entire Suzuki repertoire! These will be used as performance pieces and practice for recitals! I also finally ordered a Puppy Packet from Music Mind Games. I have incorporated games and ideas from Music mind Games in the past and am excited to have well designed materials for us to play with!


DSA Concert

I had a wonderful time listening to C. (Viola student from our studio) perform with the DSA Sinfonia last night! Their incredible program included See You Again, Ellis Island Remembered (world premier by Susan Day), and Idylls of Pegasus. In addition to these pieces they also performed Libertango with the DSA Advanced Orchestra. They sounded wonderful and it was only their first concert cycle of the year!