Looking Forward

As I prepare for the 2018-2019 year I thought I’d share some studio updates! I’m so pleased with our thriving studio of 30+ violinists and violists! We have been working all summer long on our Ice Cream Challenge and Choose Your Own Adventure. I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone perform their piece of choice at the recital this Saturday! I hope to play a few pieces myself! Many students are already finished with their Ice Cream Challenge and are looking forward to our ice cream party on September 7!

Parents Night – Mark your calendar for August 31 at 6 PM at the studio. We will work to create community by sharing information about practicing, tips and tricks for Suzuki parenting, the schedule and studio information, along with a few new things for the year (including chamber music!).

Challenge yourself to Practice

If you are having a tough time getting in all of your practice, challenge yourself to do more! Consider following along with a 30, 50, or 100 day challenge. Or challenge yourself to do 5 days a week for 1 month. You will notice a difference! Don’t forget to follow Andrea Coyle’s Violin & Viola Studio on social media for practice ideas and inspiration! Why wait until the new year. Think of how many repetitions and hours you could practice between now and 2018! Knowledge plus 1000 times equal ability!

Practice and Plan!

Half the battle of practicing is finding a time to practice and assembling all of your practice tools. I use several methods of keeping track of my practicing including to do list, a calendar, and notebook. I’d love to hear what you use to organize!

To Do List
Post its:
I use these to jot down quick reminders. These typically last only a few minutes as they are meant to be a temporary brain dump.
Wunderlist: I love this app! I can use it on my phone or computer. I can have multiple lists with subtasks and notes all in one place. A few of my lists include daily activities (such as a specific piece I need to listen to or practice), shopping list, gift lists, and books to read. I also have a master list for my music studio that includes things like marketing, photo copies, professional reading/listening, wish list, and large project task lists (such as my new studio notebook). I love that I can create separate lists, subtasks, and priority items. I can easily reorder items to show priority.
How to use it for practicing: Create a list (or lots of lists) for practicing. Ideas for practice lists include: practice strategies, repetition ideas, techniques, practice spots, review pieces, pieces to listen to, favorite composers, favorite violinists/violists, daily order of practice items

Google Calendar: 
I have a google calendar that syncs across all of my devices and onto my website. My MMS calendar and ECO rehearsal schedule sync to this as well. I schedule everything on this! Important practice sessions, lessons, rehearsals, family events, appointments, meetings, library due dates, etc. Any thing that has a deadline, or requires my attention, gets a spot on my calendar.
How to use it for practicing: Create an event that repeats everyday for practicing! Figure out a time that you can practice everyday. I recommend trying to schedule a morning practice session. That will leave time later in the day for additional practice sessions.

In addition to my to do lists and my calendar, I have two primary notebooks. The first is used for daily notes and ideas (like a journal). This book is primarily used for personal goal and record keeping (such as practicing everyday). My favorite notebook is a tiny paperback notebook that I use to write all of my music and professional notes from conferences, meetings, and business research.
How to use it for practicing: Use a physical notebook to keep track of what you practice, when you practice, what you will practice next time, and any practice questions you may have.

Group Class Practice Challenge


Andrea Coyle's Violin & Viola Studio

Group Classes!

Our first group class is the last week in September. Please mark your calendars! Students are asked to complete a practice and listening challenge for each group class. The first challenge begins September 1st and ends the day of your group class. Listen to your CD and practice your instrument a minimum of 15 days to complete the challenge. Prizes will be awarded to students who complete each challenge. You must be present at group class to win. Download the challenge here: Practice Challenge for Group Class #1

Violin & Viola Group Class (Home Studio) September 26 at 5:30
Piano Group Class (Home Studio) September 27 at 5:30
Violin & Viola Group Class (MHA)September 28 at 5:30

Summer Recital and Fall Practice


Andrea Coyle’s Violin & Viola Studio Summer Recital July 29, 2017

What a great Summer Recital! Congratulations to everyone who performed on violin, viola, and ukulele! I’m so proud of everyone for their hard work this summer. Keep up the good work!

I look forward to starting our fall lessons on September 1st! Please start working on your school year practice schedule. Fall is a busy time for scheduling school, homework, lessons, birthday parties, dance classes, and sports. Please don’t forget to schedule your daily practice in addition to your music lesson, group classes and recitals!

violin lessons in Denver

I will be heading to Michigan on Tuesday to visit family and play a little music! We will be at the ODPC Funfest in Evart, Michigan July 13-16. I will be teaching a class appropriate for beginner Fiddlers on Thursday the 13th and Saturday the 16th. The Thursday class will be at 9 AM in Area 3 Old Fair Office. I will be teaching again on Saturday at 10 AM, also in Area 3 Old Fair Office. You can check out the complete schedule here! Hope to see you there!

Class description:
Violin Technique for the Beginner Fiddler: This class will cover the basics of tuning, instrument care, bow hold, instrument position, left hand fingering, and sound production. This class is designed to help set the beginner fiddler up for success in future classes. Techniques will be taught using the tune Boil ‘em Cabbage Down. No experience necessary. Please bring your instrument.

Have you listened today? If no, go turn on your recording now! If yes, go turn on your recording now! As many of you know I am working on learning to play a new style of music. I have been listening to my pieces and other pieces of a similar style every single day! There are no substitutes for listening to your pieces, as well as other music in a similar style on your instrument! Listening not only helps us learn our notes quicker; it also helps us develop an ear for beautiful tone, style, dynamics, and articulation.