Calendar and Events

Each year students participate in lessons, group classes, practice challenges, recitals, workshops, and students events. Each student has an online account and calendar through My Music Staff that includes all of their studio events. Please keep up to date with your calendar and emails.

Weekly lessons are held year round with breaks for holidays and vacations.

Group Classes
Group classes are held on Fridays from September through May. Please check your calendar for the exact schedule.

Fall Recital is held the end of October.
Holiday Recital is held in early December.
Spring Recital is held the end of April.
Summer Recital is held the end of July.
Book Recitals are scheduled on an individual basis.
Students may be asked to perform at special community performances during the holidays and summers at places such as a retirement community, coffee shop, or farmers market.

Parent Events
The Annual Parent Meeting is held the last Friday of August.
Thanksgiving Week is Parent Thankfulness Week.
Yearly Parent Teacher Phone Conferences are in April and May.

Holidays and Birthdays
Andrea Coyle’s Violin & Viola Studio is closed most holidays. Please check you MMS calendar and email for more information.

Help me celebrate your birthday! Please make sure that your birthday is listed on your MMS account. I would love to play Happy Birthday for you (and teach you how to play it as well!)

Suzuki Book & Movie Club
The purpose of this group is to discuss music related books and movies. Quarterly book and movie suggestions will be offered. Please consider following along in this group! Students, teachers, and parents are welcome.

Fall Listening Challenge is held each year from September 1st until our Fall Recital.
March Madness is held each March.
Summer Ice Cream Challenge is held each June-August.
Sticker Club
Karate Scales
100 Day Club
Group Class Practice Challenges
Personal Practices Challenges as decided by the family

Studio Time Capsule
Studio recordings, pictures, art, writing, and other musical items were enclosed in our Studio Time Capsule at our Spring Recital on April 28, 2018. Current students contributed to the contents and signed the outside of the time capsule. The time capsule will remain closed in the studio until our Spring Recital in 2023!

Local Events, Competitions, and Auditions
The Denver Fall Festival is held each October in Denver.
The EOP String Competition is held each October/November in Denver.
The Suzuki Association of Colorado also holds yearly graduations and scholarship opportunities.
Please view SAA Event pages for additional information on institutes and camps.
Auditions for camps, institutes, and colleges are typically due between January 15 and March 15 of each year. Scholarship deadlines are typically earlier.


“Musical training is more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the secret places of the soul.” ~ Plato