Ice Cream Cone

Build Your Ice Cream Cone!!
Each student will have an ice cream cone. It is up to you to earn ice cream scoops that will go on your cone! More than one scoop can be earned each week. Ice cream scoops can be earned by completing the following tasks (most each are worth 1 scoop; the last two tasks are worth 2 scoops):

  • Pass off 2 scales or arpeggios at designated metronome settings
  • Polish 1 piece (performance-ready; see specifications below)*
  • Complete 2 technique sections or pages
  • Sight read 4 sections
  • Practice 6 consecutive days
  • Complete 2 theory pages
  • Complete 2 ear training segments
  • Pass off 2 rhythm activities
  • Achieve 3 star ratings for 3 songs in Piano Maestro
  • Play 3 duets with background tracks or with the teacher
  • Perform a piano piece for a group: family, friends, school/church/camp classes etc.
  • Complete a project about a musical time period, composer, or specific piece of music**
  • Complete a composition project***

    *A polished, finished song is evaluated in this way:

    • All fingerings are correct
    • Note reading is accurate/notes are accurate
    • Dynamics are being used as marked in the piece
    • Accurate rhythm throughout the piece
    • Steady tempo throughout without long pauses
    • All articulation markings (legato slurs, staccato, ties, bowings, pedaling) are being used
    • Student is confident and ready to play this piece for an audience!

**Projects about a musical time period, composer, or specific piece of music can be a short rite paper with information, a story that goes along with the music, a drama of the time period, or other creative projects. Please get approval from the teacher before beginning your project.

***Composition project specifications:

    • 8 measures or longer for PK-3 students
    • 16 measures or longer for all other students
    • Includes a motive and retrogrades or sequences
    • Blank staff paper can be found at

Students who earn 15 or more scoops by September 1st will earn a prize and be recognized at our Fall Recital! Good luck!

Created by Piano Discoveries Music Studio